Salón de la Fama


Defensores de la salud de los niños

  • Michael Fux, 2019

    Nicklaus Children's Health System board chair and founder of the Michael Fux Family Center at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, which is a home away from home for our patients and families.

  • Graça Machel, 2018

    African stateswoman whose long professional and public life is heavily rooted in the international advocacy for women and children’s rights.

  • Anne Geddes, 2017

    World's most famous baby photographer and generous supporter of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

  • Hélio Castroneves, 2017

    Three-time Indy500 winner as well as "Dancing with the Stars" champion and children's health advocate.

  • Pitbull, 2015

    Globally renowned Grammy-Award winning musician, performer, business entrepreneur and celebrity ambassador to our Together For The Children Campaign.

  • Romero Britto, 2014

    Internationally renowned pop artist, who created the logo for the Together For The Children, Campaign for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

  • Juanes, 2013

    Grammy Award-winning Hispanic artist and global activist for peace through his foundations Mi Sangre and Paz Sin Fronteras.

  • Gloria Gaynor, 2012

    Grammy Award-winning artist who re-wrote the iconic I Will Survive song for the Bald, Brave, Beautiful® project at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

  • Gloria & Emilio Estefan, 2011

    Music legends and South Florida icons whose work on behalf of children on a global scale has impacted countless lives, many times anonymously.

  • Barbara and Jack Nicklaus, 2010

    First family of golf, champions of children's causes and partners of two Nicklaus Children's Hospital Nicklaus Centers in Palm Beach County.

  • Dwyane Wade, 2009

    NBA World Champion, Olympic athlete, Founder of Wade’s World Foundation, friend and supporter of Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

  • Beyoncé Knowles, 2008

    Internationally renowned recording star, actress and humanitarian. A passionate and transcendent performer committed to her deep love of music that she shares with the world.

  • Mike Lowell, 2006

    Hometown hero, former Florida Marlins World Series Champion and supporter of children’s health issues. 

  • Dr. Paul Farmer, 2006

    Internationally recognized founder of Partners in Health, dedicated to developing and implementing healthcare in some of the most devastated areas of the world.

  • Dr. Fred J. Epstein, 2005

    Internationally renowned pediatric neurosurgeon and teacher dedicated to the treatment and recovery of children with brain and spinal tumors.

  • Dyan Cannon, 2005

    Dynamic, energetic actress and committed spokesperson for children’s causes.

  • Earl Weaver, 2004

    Former Manager of the Baltimore Orioles and generous supporter of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

  • David McLean Walters, 2004

    Visionary and President Emeritus of Miami Children’s Health Foundation.

  • Dr. George McCracken Jr., 2003

    Internationally recognized authority on pediatric infectious diseases.

  • Sonia Manzano, 2003

    Played Maria on Sesame Street and Emmy-winning writer for Sesame Street.

  • Kelly Preston, 2002

    Talented and captivating actress and activist for children’s environmental health issues.

  • Dean Kamen, 2002

    Inventor, entrepreneur and advocate for science and technology through his FIRST program.

  • Dr. Yehuda Benguigui, 2002

    Clinician, educator, researcher and leading force for the prevention of infant mortality.

  • Susie Krabacher, 2001

    Creator of the Foundation for Worldwide Mercy & Sharing, bringing health and hope to children in Haiti.

  • Dr. Samuel L. Katz, 2001

    Internationally renowned educator and researcher in pediatric vaccine development.

  • Jim Kelly, 2000

    Retired NFL star, role model and champion of children’s causes.

  • Michael Christensen, 2000

    Creator of Big Apple Circus Clown Unit in children’s hospitals nationwide.

  • George Batchelor, 2000

    Outstanding philanthropist dedicated to children’s causes.

  • Bill Nye, 1999

    "The Science Guy," innovative teacher and patron of children.

  • Dr. Robert A. Good, 1999

    Pioneer of bone marrow transplantation.

  • Eunice and Sargent Shriver, 1998

    Creators and supporters of the Special Olympics.

  • Anthony Kennedy Shriver, 1998

    Founder and Chairman of Best Buddies International.

  • Dr. Aldo R. Castaneda, 1998

    Pioneer of innovative pediatric cardiac procedures.

  • John Schneider, 1997

    Performing artist and Co-founder of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®.

  • Bianca Jagger, 1997

    Champion for human rights and children’s causes.

  • Dr. Robert M. Blizzard, 1997

    Pioneer and leader in pediatric endocrinology.

  • John Walsh, 1996

    Defender of missing and exploited children.

  • Dr. Antonia Novello, 1996

    Pediatrician, first female and Hispanic United States Surgeon General.

  • Harry Belafonte, 1996

    International legend and Ambassador for UNICEF and children.

  • Gina Lollobrigida, 1995

    Legendary actress and photographer passionate for children’s causes.

  • Shari Lewis, 1995

    Educator and entertainer of children through her character "Lamb Chop".

  • Reg and Maggie Green, 1995

    Active promoters of organ donation internationally through the Nicholas Effect.

  • Burt Reynolds, 1994

    Supporter of children’s theatrical programs.

  • Wayne and Marti Huizenga, 1994

    Philanthropists for children through their support of Make-A-Wish® Foundation.

  • Dr. Jean Aicardi, 1994

    International pediatric neurologist in brain abnormalities.

  • Dr. Saul Krugman, 1993

    Developer of Hepatitis "B" vaccine.

  • Barbara Bush, 1993

    Former First Lady and founder of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.

  • Audrey Hepburn, 1992

    Theatrical legend, child advocate and Ambassador for UNICEF.

  • J. Peter Grace, 1992

    International corporate giant and philanthropist for children.

  • Dr. Mary Ellen Avery, 1992

    International award-winning pediatric pulmonologist.

  • Dr. D. Ralph Millard, 1991

    World renowned pediatric craniofacial surgeon specializing in cleft lip and palate.

  • Rich Little, 1991

    Canadian Chairman of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® Telethon.

  • Anthony R. Abraham, 1991

    International philanthropist for children’s needs.

  • Sally Struthers, 1990

    Acclaimed comedic and dramatic actress and spokesperson for children.

  • Dr. C. Everett Koop, 1990

    Children’s advocate and former United States Surgeon General.

  • Drs. Ives Cotrel &
    Jean Dubousset, 1990

    Creators of CD Rod for spinal injuries.

  • Dr. William Walsh, 1989

    Founder of Project Hope, bringing specialized healthcare to Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Edward James Olmos, 1989

    Oscar nominee and humanitarian for children.

  • Kenneth Feld, 1989

    Producer of Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.

  • William Hanna &
    Joseph Barbera, 1988

    Animation and cartoon pioneers in children’s entertainment.

  • Dr. Robert Gross, 1988

    Pioneer in pediatric heart surgery.

  • Fran Allison, 1988

    Children’s entertainer on television’s "Kukla, Fran and Ollie" show.

  • "Buffalo" Bob Smith, 1987

    Creator of the "Howdy Doody" show, a children’s television program.

  • Dr. Victor McKusick, 1987

    Renowned geneticist and medical author.

  • Danny Kaye, 1987

    Entertainer and "Pied Piper" to the children of the world.

  • Dr. Augustín Castellanos, 1987

    Nobel Prize nominee for pediatric cardiology.

  • Dr. Helen Taussig, 1986

    Savior of "Blue Babies," newborns with cyanotic conditions.

  • Dr. Jonas Salk, 1986

    Developer of the first polio vaccine.

  • Bob Keeshan, 1986

    Children’s entertainer on television’s "Captain Kangaroo".

  • Walt Disney, 1986

    International legend in children’s entertainment.

  • Florence Groover Frank, 1985

    Generous benefactor and permanent Grande Dame of the Hall of Fame Gala.