The future of money meets the future of pediatric healthcare!

Your cryptocurrency donation is tax-deductible and supports our vision to create a healthy future for every child.

Bitcoin and ethereum coins white framing element
Bitcoin and ethereum coins white framing element

Why donate Cryptocurrency to Nicklaus Children’s?

Donating cryptocurrency directly to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation is more tax-efficient than donating cash and can save you money. When you donate crypto, you do not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and can deduct it on your taxes. Read our announcement.

Bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrency donations are some of the most tax-efficient ways to support the patients and families we serve at Nicklaus Children's - patients like Michael who battled leukemia or Daniela who underwent surgery to remove a large tumor on her face. Your cryptocurrency donation is a win-win, both for you and for children and teens who need us.

Cryptocurrency donations are powered by our trusted partner, The Giving Block. If you prefer to make your cryptocurrency donation directly on their site, visit our Giving Block crypto donation page.

For more information on donating crptocurrency, contact us at If you would like to donate using a credit card, visit our main giving page.