Why I Give

Supporters share why they give to Nicklaus Children's

There are many meaningful reasons, and personal stories of hope, that motivate people to give back. What always shines through is a shared passion for helping kids lead a healthy, happy life.

Inspiring Stories of Giving Back

Meet some of our amazing supporters who are committed to promoting health and healing for the patients of Nicklaus Children's. We also encourage you to share why you give to Nicklaus Children's. Get in touch with us and share your story on social media using #WhyIGive.

“I volunteer because it gives me the chance to give back to an organization that impacts so many lives. The best part about volunteering is seeing the bright smiles on the children's faces and listening to their touching stories.”

Maday Bonet
Volunteer and iGIVE supporter
“We give because you never know what tomorrow may bring. I’ve learned over the years that life can be so incredibly fragile. I feel very strongly that we all have a responsibility to do all that we can to impact the lives of those who are most in need.”

Chanin and Adam Carlin
Major supporter of Carlin Family Prom
“To me, it feels so much better to give directly to the kids who are going to benefit from it rather than just writing a check. My motivation is very simple – Having grown up very poor and not having things that other kids had always motivates me to help others.”

Michael Fux
Benefactor for Nicklaus Children's Hospital Fux Family Center and 2019 Diamond Ball Honoree
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“I give because giving is better than receiving. I joined the Nicklaus Children’s Young Ambassadors to raise funds and awareness for children and families in need at Nicklaus Children’s following my son’s congenital heart disease diagnosis. You don’t leave the experience my wife and I went through without being changed. I knew I had to get more involved.”

Marc Lewin
NCYA, leadership team member
“iGIVE because I have experienced firsthand the impact that our donors’ generosity can contribute to positive clinical outcomes and the patient & family experience. The Nicklaus Children’s Health System mission is one I support as part of the NCHS Family, but also as a donor.”

Jenny Oquendo
Manager, Children's Experiences
iGIVE supporter
“We are blessed to have Nicklaus Children's in our community. If anything ever happened to my children, it would be devastating. I give because I want to make sure that I have the best hospital, not just for my children, but so that every single parent knows that their children are getting the care they need.

Ricky Patel
Chair, Nicklaus Children's Hospital Foundation Board of Directors
“I take great pride in the mission of Nicklaus Children's, the excellence of its reputation and the role we play in moving the hospital forward. We use our influence to lead by example in ensuring a secure future for important healthcare providers like Nicklaus Children's.”

Jaret Davis
Chair, Nicklaus Children's Hospital Board of Directors

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