Patient of the Month: Roberto

March 2024

When Roberto was born, he was smaller than average. With further evaluation and genetic testing at Nicklaus Children’s, Roberto was soon diagnosed with Wolf-Hirschhorn (4p-) syndrome and would need further treatment. The syndrome is often associated with a host of health challenges, from intellectual disabilities and speech and developmental delays to heart defects and kidney problems. Under the care of a multidisciplinary team including Dr. Parul Jayakar and Dr. Paula Schleifer at the Nicklaus Children’s Brain Institute, Roberto would continue to receive care throughout his childhood. Today he is a thriving 11-year-old boy, against all odds, and continues to visit the Rare Chromosomal Disorders Clinic at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Roberto’s family was grateful for the life-changing care their child received that they generously donated to the clinic.
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