Patient of the Month: Kai

February 2023

When Jackie and Rob received the news that their second baby Kai was going to be born with congenital heart defects, Jackie knew exactly where and who to turn to next. Having been diagnosed with a heart defect in her early teen years, Jackie herself underwent heart surgery with Dr. Redmond Burke when our hospital was known as Miami Children’s Hospital.

As parents and also as practicing physicians, Jackie and Rob both knew that a specialized, pediatric approach was the right decision for their newborn baby boy. Once Kai was delivered, he was immediately transferred to the CICU at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital via LifeFlight. Once again, under the care of Dr. Redmond Burke and the entire team at The Nicklaus Children’s Heart Institute, Kai underwent a successful open-heart surgery to correct his anomaly.

Kai is now a few months old and will continue to be monitored by our team of specialized physicians for next steps.

“It was very hard to let my newborn undergo heart surgery, but it was very evident and easy to let it be to the person that I trust,” said Jackie.

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