Patient of the Month: Alexandra

February 2022

After learning she was six months pregnant following an ultrasound, Michele was also given the shocking news that she had to deliver immediately due to growing concerns about her baby’s health.

Described as a surprise and a miracle baby by Michele and her husband Timothy, Alexandra was born prematurely with some anticipated heart complications. At only 2 months old, Alexandra went into respiratory distress and had to be rushed to a local hospital where she was intubated and stabilized before being airlifted via LifeFlight to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

Under the care of the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Heart Institute, Alexandra underwent multiple surgeries with Dr. Redmond Burke to correct her anomalies. The outcomes of the surgeries were successful, and after more than 15 years, Alexandra still holds Dr. Burke and the entire cardiology team at Nicklaus Children’s near and dear to her heart.

Alexandra aspires to pursue a career in the medical field, specifically cardiology, in order to help other children and impact them in the ways her doctors and nurses impacted her.

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