Patient of the Month: Mariana

Published on: 09/28/2017
Meet our October Patient of the Month, Mariana. Mariana was born with Crouzon syndrome, a genetic disorder that prevents the skull from growing normally. For Mariana, it also caused difficulties with her breathing, but unfortunately, in Venezuela, where Mariana was born, they did not have the resources to treat her condition. At just a year and a half old, her parents brought her to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital with the help of the Global Health department, and a week later, Mariana had a tracheostomy. Now with the ability to breathe better, Mariana started to thrive. Since then, Mariana has been coming back every year from Venezuela to be seen by Dr. Anthony Wolfe, the director for the plastic surgery division at Nicklaus Children’s, and for her favorite activity of the year, the Dr. Moises Simpser VACC Camp.
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