Patient of the Month: Justin

Published on: 07/25/2018

The moment Justin was born, his mother and father were faced with the most daunting and challenging experience any parent can imagine. Just hours after birth, Justin was airlifted to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for more specialized pediatric care. Having been diagnosed with pulmonary atresia and tetralogy of Fallot, he required immediate attention before it was too late.

Fast forward 13 years later, and Justin is still receiving the same quality care from the exact same team who received him in the NICU the day he was born. From reconstructive surgery to multiple catheterizations and constant follow-ups, Dr. Redmond Burke, pediatric cardiac surgeon, Dr. Danielle Madril, pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist, and his core team at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital have been there every step of the way.


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