Victor Center

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is the national program office for the Victor Center for the Prevention of Jewish Genetic Diseases, an entity dedicated to the prevention of inherited diseases common among the Jewish population.

The Nicklaus Children's Hospital Brain Institute has long been a leader in providing care for children with genetic disorders and their families through its Neurogenetic-Metabolic Program. The Victor Center for the Prevention of Jewish Genetic Diseases at Nicklaus Children's Hospital is an extension of that goal and will enable families of Jewish descent to get the genetic testing and counseling they need to understand their genetic risks.

The Victor Center was founded in 2002 by Lois B. Victor in partnership with Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia. Ms. Victor lost two children to a Jewish genetic disease before a test for the disorder became available. Today, simple tests can identify carriers of more than 200 disorders, including 50 that are common among the Ashkenazi Jewish population.

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