Honoring Our 70th Anniversary

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For 70 years, we have inspired hope and promoted lifelong health to patients of Nicklaus Children's Hospital. This hospital first opened its doors on March 20, 1960 thanks to the generosity of community members who came together to fund the first building. Like you, they believed in our work to create a place where sick children could get the care they needed to lead healthier, happier lives. Today, your partnership matters more than ever before as we continue to lead the way as a top provider of pediatric care, with a focus on innovation and excellence.

With 71% of Nicklaus Children’s patients on Medicaid, private support helps us meet the urgent needs of those who need it most. Make a gift below to support our patients and create a legacy of your own at Nicklaus Children's.

Meet Phil

On March 20, 1950, Phil Dickinson was one of 15 patients transferred to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, then known as Variety Children’s Hospital. He came seeking treatment for polio and stayed in our care for six months. Phil used crutches for three more years before he could walk on his own. He is now 73 years old and proud to say he walks daily. Phil credits our hospital for helping him begin his journey to a healthy life, one he is grateful for.

"Nicklaus Children’s brings the community together to take care of kids like me. My disability did not hold me back, and the care I received made that possible."

Phil is part of our legacy. You can be too. Make a gift today to help us continue changing the lives of patients like Phil!

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