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Jaxon Smile white framing element
Jaxon Smile white framing element

On May 16, 2016, our first-born, Jaxon Budnick, came roaring into the world. At seven months old, Jaxon underwent an 8-hour surgery at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to correct craniosynostosis of the metopic suture, led by his pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Sanjiv Bhatia, and pediatric plastic surgeon, Dr. Chad Perlyn.

The incredibly intense procedure was completed just before the holidays on December 15.  While it was difficult to watch our baby recover from cranial surgery, we felt the genuine care from the entire staff at Nicklaus Children’s as well as support from the community through the Nicklaus Children’s Spread Joy toy drive.  This event truly impacted our day then, and our lives ever since.  Jaxon was happy to participate in the hospital’s holiday festivities and receive a gift! During these couple of hours, children are joyful and parents are distracted from the hospital setting. In a time of complete despair for patient families like ours, the holiday spirit was felt by all.  In every sense, Nicklaus Children’s does “Spread Joy.” 

At a 2017 post-op visit, we shared with Dr. Bhatia how grateful we were that he and his team were able to save our son’s life, and how we wanted other children and families to have the same opportunity to live out full and complete lives. Recognizing the impact that Nicklaus Children's made on us, we decided to make it our family’s mission to continue giving back to more children and families like us.

Unexpectedly, and far too soon, Dr. Bhatia passed away in May 2018.  His work saved the lives of many and touched the lives of many more.  In support of Dr. Bhatia’s vision and our desire to give back, our family raised over $20,000 in toys and gift cards over the past three years that were personally delivered to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital during its Spread Joy campaign.

Jaxon’s 4th Annual Holiday Fundraiser will be in support of Neurosurgery in honor of Dr. Bhatia. In lieu of toys, we are asking for monetary contributions that will directly support amazing patient care, medical education and scientific breakthroughs in the Neurology Department, all with the hope of saving the lives of patients like Jaxon around the world. 

Your contribution today is tax deductible and will make a meaningful impact on countless families.  On behalf of our son Jaxon, the late Dr. Bhatia, and all the unspoken heroic kids under the care of Nicklaus Children’s, thank you for your generous contributions.

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