In Honor of Allyson Gonzalez

In 1990, Allyson Carolina Gonzalez came into our lives, inspiring everyone and everything she touches, bringing much joy and happiness to her friends and family.  Allyson was born 2 months prematurely, suffering from Cerebral Palsy (a condition where muscle movement is impaired due to a brain injury). She began her first two years of life with early intervention, requiring over 250 visits for therapies, doctor’s visits and hospitalizations. They said then she might not smile…. 

Today, she relies on those around her for total care in her daily life.  Those early years yielded a wonderful return in that she enjoys outings with her family and friends utilizing her specialized wheelchair for mobility. Allyson has taught us how to let life delight us in the simplest ways and shares her unconditional love with those around her.  She touches lives wherever she goes with her mischievous smile and her love of people. - Jackie and Nelson Gonzalez

In her honor, a fund has been established with the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation, Special Needs Fund (inspired by Allyson Gonzalez), supporting children and families facing similar devastating challenges and successes.  Funds raised are used to bring breakthroughs and best practices in education and technology to the nurses and dedicated clinical and support staff that provide specialized care to children with special needs and their families.  This fund will also support research and the use of new methodologies to improve the care and environment for the benefit of children like Allyson and their families.

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