Flash Fundraiser: End of Chemo Celebration Boxes

Flash Fundraisers help us quickly fill a specific need at Nicklaus Children's Hospital that benefits our patients.

September Fundraising Priority: Help us make the last day of chemotherapy a milestone to remember for our patients and families.

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The last day of chemotherapy is a milestone for Nicklaus Children's patients and families. The day is marked by a bell ringing ceremony with loved ones gathered around. 

Please help make our ringing out ceremony even more memorable by supporting the purchase of 75 Celebration Boxes. We will use these supplies to surprise our patients by decking out their room as they get ready to ring the bell! That extra cheer and element of surprise is worth everything for a child who has battled cancer.
End of Chemo Celebration Boxes will be filled with party decorations, inspirational posters, survivor ribbons and other mementos to remind them of the time that they beat cancer.

"When such a celebration occurs and the patient pulls the chain, you hear clapping, cheering and singing throughout the halls. Our families really love it because they walk by the bell every day with the anticipation that one day it will be their turn. These are the same hopes they have when their treatment is complete!"

Peggy Townsend
Clinical Nursing Director

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